Shoveling snow safely can be done. Just follow these three simple tips. Start early. Shovel often. Turn your whole body (don’t twist!)—that’s how to shovel when snow falls in the Washington DC area.

To show you exactly how it’s done, Gabrielle Czaja PT created this quick video on how to shovel snow safely. Watch and you’ll be on your way to shoveling all the snow that falls in a safe, easy way that minimizes your chance of injury or pain.


Gabrielle Czaja PT shows you how to shovel snow safely whenever it falls in the Washington DC area

Key Things to Remember about How to Shovel Snow

  • Go out to shovel snow every 2-3 inches—it’s easier to shovel snow in small amounts
  • Flex to scoop—that’s the safest way to lift the snow
  • Turn your whole body—don’t twist—to put the snow down

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