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Bison Women’s Running Through the Decades, Buckell University

Gabrielle is interviewed together with fellow distance running champions from the 1980’s.

Meet Your Neighbor, The Physical Therapist who works on the Mind-Body Connection.  Forest Hills Connection

In the midst of tragedy, grief, stress, it is common to check out, or just put our heads down and keep going. This is an understandable default; however, when we do this, we jeopardize our mental, spiritual and physical health. How do we stay open and aware to life-affirming experiences when life seems so fragile and painful? More

Spring Gifts. Glover Park Gazette

I will recall the spring of 2020 as our “beautiful, terrible spring.” Washington’s weather has been spectacular. So many of us are outside soaking up the beauty of the blossoming world. More

Protect Your Back! Glover Park Gazette

The winter season is upon us, and with it comes the chance of snow and ice and injury. Precaution and good body mechanics are essential for preventing injuries to the lower back. More

Physical Therapy and Alexander Technique, Body Learning Podcast with Robert Rickover 

Robert Rickover talks with Gabrielle Czaja, an Alexander Technique teacher and Physical Therapist in Washington, DC, about ways in which these two processes complement each other. 

A Missing Link, Advance for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants

Therapists who discover the Alexander Technique can help patients battle chronic back pain. 

Recent Scientific Studies-A Reivew, The Polio Society Newsletter, OPTIONS

The Shoulder, Washington Post Letters to the Editor

Coping With Joint Distress, Washington Post Letter to the Editor

A Shortcut to Staying Tall, Washington Post Letter to the Editor

Alumni Profile: Gabrielle Czaja, ’85: Bison Express


Gabrielle is available for corporate groups, community groups, healthcare professionals and parent groups on a variety of topics including physical therapy, Alexander Technique, stress, body/mind connection, breathing, scoliosis, postural issues, telehealth and more. Unique as both a Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique teacher, her extensive knowledge encompasses the vast complexity of the body, and an understanding of brain neuroplasticity.  She is known for digging deep to help people solve body-related concerns and enhancing their overall health and well-being.

An interactive workshop/in-service with Gabrielle offers tools for immediate use:

  • Effective postural awareness, and thus clearer thinking, for the office, classroom and homework.
  • Improved presentation skills.
  • Negotiate stressful circumstances more easily, and releasing muscle tension in the moment.
  • For parents, teachers, teens and children: Athletic assessment for sports-readiness, backpack overhaul, postural assessment.


  • Washington City Paper Best of DC 2019 (link)
  • Bucknell University Athletic Hall of Fame, 2000.
  • William McBeth Research Award, outstanding student group research proposal, Hahnemann University, 1990.
  • Indian Health Service, Commissioned Officer Student Externship Program (COSTEP), 1989.
  • Rehabilitation Training Grant Awardee, 1989.
  • Christy Mathewson Award, outstanding female senior athlete, 1985.

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Stress-Free IEP with Gabrielle Czaja

Stress-Free IEP with Gabrielle Czaja

​Gabrielle joined Frances Shefter on Stress-Free IEP to discuss the Alexander Technique, specifically The Ready List, which she uses when working with students. The Ready List is three simple questions to help self-regulate through releasing tension and focusing on...

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