Using Technology to Connect and Keep You on the Path to Healing

Telehealth is a convenient, safe, and successful strategy for helping you with sore muscles, painful joints and postural problems from the comfort of your home. Do you feel stiff and achy at your home workstation?  Still getting your muscles used to walking or exercising more? Would you like to develop new stress management strategies that really work?

I can help. A telehealth appointment is a video or audio physical therapy session or Alexander Technique lesson.  I will listen carefully to what is happening for you, perform an online assessment, and together we will develop a plan to meet your goals

This is what we can do together with video or audio appointments:

  • Optimize body posture so you can think more clearly and work more efficiently.
  • Decrease pain and stiffness from not moving around as much. 
  • Analyze and improve movement patterns for everyday activities: yardwork and gardening, taking walks, cleaning out closets. 
  • Assess and improve form and technique for safe, injury-free exercise.
  • Learn easy stress management techniques you can immediately apply.
  • Previous client?  We can do a refresher, tune-up and move you forward.



Thanks, today’s lesson was very calming in┬áthis time of worldwide craziness!
Lou Larca, MD

I am amazed at how effective virtual Alexander Technique classes with Gabrielle have been for me. They have reinforced what I had previously learned as well as have further expanded upon my understanding. I would not have thought it could work so well until I tried it.
Robyn Walker