Restoring Ease of Movement. Gaining Freedom from Pain and Injury.

Ever since we were kids we’ve been taught the importance of balance. Balanced diet. Balancing a checkbook. Achieving the perfect work-life balance. The Alexander Technique rests on that same principle of balance.

Imagine Moving through Your Day with True Ease and Confidence

We are designed to move comfortably and gracefully in all our daily activities—walking down the street, sitting in a meeting, waiting for the train, gardening, hiking, dancing or performing music.  Unfortunately, over time, under the pressures of modern life and in less than optimal physical environments, that essential ease of movement and balance is compromised.  F.M. Alexander, the originator of the Alexander Technique, discovered that by first becoming aware of how we use our bodies, then choosing to stop tensing or collapsing and finally redirecting our movement, we can activate the inherent support mechanisms of our body and regain our natural poise and balance. Taking lessons in the Alexander Technique means taking charge of your body. By learning the language of how your body moves and changes, you can learn to redirect your energy for freer, easier breathing and more powerful balanced movement.

Imagine Moving through Your Day without Fear of Pain or Injury

Sometimes pain and injury is caused by an accident or illness. Many injuries, however, have their root cause in the misuse of our joints and various body regions as we move. The model of movement that most of us have been schooled in is that by increasing our strength and flexibility, developing strong stomach or ‘core’ muscles, and practicing good posture we can enjoy good health. If we go to the gym, eat well, and get a good night’s sleep, all will be well. Unfortunately, while many people are earnestly doing their best to do these things, they still don’t feel as good in themselves as they would like.  Gabrielle understands this. Through Alexander Technique lessons, she shows you how to tap into your body’s inherent capacity for balance and to integrate strength and flexibility into your daily routines. In addition to being an Alexander Technique teacher, she is also a licensed physical therapist. As a PT, she brings to your lessons an extensive knowledge of anatomy and the scientific underpinnings of injuries and pain.

Each of us contends with genetics, injuries and habits. Illness and injuries arise from circumstances beyond our control. Some conditions are progressive or permanent. The good news is that we can all learn and enjoy greater ease and control of our bodies, by taking lessons in the Alexander Technique.

The real solution of the problem lies in the wide acceptance of the principle of prevention…the most valuable knowledge we can possess is that of the use and functioning of the self

… to raise the standard of his health and general well-being.

F.M. Alexander

Gabrielle Czaja Alexander Technique teacher Washington DC