Create a more joyous, effective experience of learning with Alexander in Education

Learning happens with the body, and our own body is a profound source of wisdom and knowledge. Alexander Technique teaches students how to access their innate wisdom so they can bring their best selves to the classroom.

Alexander Technique is a body-mind learning paradigm that supports focus, quietens mental chatter, and releases physical tension so that a student is more available and more successful in school.

When integrated in the education system, Alexander principles fundamentally and drastically improve the experience of learning for both young people and educators.

Alexander in Education curriculum is perfect for teachers, administrators, educational consultants, support staff and parents who want their students to experience a more joyous, effective experience of learning. It will inspire students while helping them learn how to learn. Plus it doesn’t JUST help students!

Discover more ease in teaching and learning for both students and educators.

Discover More Ease

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Calm, Confident, Connected, Coordinated

Resources for both Teachers and Students

Alexander Technique in Education empowers you and your students in the presence of:

Teacher Trials

  • Stress management in and out of the classroom
  • Responding in a calm, effective way to the feelings of immediacy and urgency
  • Motivating students to actively engage and take ownership for learning
  • Keeping up with everything
  • Developing reserves and staying energized
  • Overcoming negativity of students

Student Struggles

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress-related, athletic and performing arts injuries
  • Social isolation & not belonging
  • Distraction and lack of focus
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of motivation and work completion
  • Low levels of effort or engagement

Summon your self-awareness

Embodied self-awareness teaches young people that that their habits of thinking, sitting, standing, and moving impact their fitness, academics, performance, and their daily lives. They learn that they have a choice about how to craft their education and their lives; how to make the best choices for themselves at any given moment.

Alexander in Education teaches students that they have a constructive and compassionate home base – their own body and inner resources. Their own “home base” is a sacred space from which to grow, learn, spring into the world and to which they can always return.

Learn more about the Alexander Technique and the power it holds to transform the educational experience for young people through the resources linked below.

How Does it Work?

F. Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was a visionary in psychophysical education, well-admired by another education pioneer, John Dewey. Alexander developed a framework for learning how to learn.

Whether we know it or not, our body, thoughts and feelings are in constant dialogue. Alexander Technique teaches young people the art of conversation between these parts of ourselves. Mastering the art of this conversation makes it easier to approach learning with curiosity and confidence.

This unique form of body-mind education is learned via: 

  • active student participation in group activities, including games and movement exploration appropriate to the age group
  • reflection from reading source materials, journaling, and discussion
  • Individual lessons, hands-on movement guidance with verbal cueing  
  • Capstone project in the 10 week curriculum 

An in-depth exploration of the principles over an 8-10 week curriculum empowers students with a solid skill set. In half or full-day workshops for students, parents and professionals, basic principles are introduced and participants leave with ideas for immediate implementation.

Alexander in Education Video

This film demonstrates how the Alexander Technique helps students develop skills for life. Students report how it has affected their well being, breathing, ability to concentrate. 7 minutes, 45 seconds long.

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, smiling arms crossed in front of a green field

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, M.ATI, M.AmSAT
Holistic Educator
Alexander Technique teacher
Physical Therapist

I am the PT who teaches young people and those who love and work with them how to tap into a better mind-body connection that will free them from the paralyzing grip of anxiety and distraction.

I believe that Alexander in Education has the power to transform the teaching and learning experience. It can be woven seamlessly into the school day for younger students and can be a regular class for middle and high schoolers. To discover how Alexander in Education can become part of your day, I offer workshops that equip educators to begin this practice.

What I Offer:
Full-day, half-day, and 2-hour workshops – perfect for staff development or in-service day trainings; parent-teacher associations; neighborhood/parent groups. Topics include:

  • Teaching the Teacher: self-care, support and sustenance in & out of the classroom
  • Movement in the Moment: From stress to success
  • Engaging Students for Easier Learning
  • Students, Sitting and Posture: What really works?
  • Back to the Building: Navigating the transition with our body as an anchor
  • Posture Perks for Parents: How to help your kids stand tall
  •  Teaching Online: Staying energized and engaged

My best clients for these workshops are professionals who are committed to excellence:

  • Administrators
  • Educators
  • Health care professionals
  • Parent Teacher Associations

Continuing Support:

Once an initial workshop has been completed, ongoing support classes are designed specifically for your school or organization.

For Students:

Alexander in Education is a certified curriculum that is experiential and project-based. The 10-week curriculum consists of weekly 1-2 hour experiential classes inclusive of readings, journaling, source materials, capstone project.

Half-day and 2-hour workshops:

  • Everyday Anatomy: Body learning for classroom learning
  • The Thinking Body for stress management
  • Postural Awareness for effective and more comfortable studying
  • Fitness for non-athletes
  • Fine arts performance: bringing our best selves to our craft
  • Injury prevention and smart training for athletes

My clients have said…

Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with us – I took a lot away from our morning with you. I was also able to tie movement and breathing exercises into a lesson on the peripheral nervous system in my psychology class, which was great!

– Robert Jones, History Teacher, Templeton Academy

Thank you so much! You did such an amazing job and teachers really gained useful tools to share with their students!


– Nicole Weston, Admissions Director, Templeton Academy

My Professional Associations

Alexander Technique International logo
APTA - American Physical Therapy Association
AmSAT logo, Aemricaan. Society for the Alexander Technique, Mindfulness in Action

Resources on the benefits of Alexander in Education

Below are a few more resources to understand the Alexander Technique and how it benefits children and young people specifically. If you want to learn more about how to bring these benefits to your students or school, I welcome a conversation.

Blog – Helping Teens Beat Stress with Alexander Technique

The Developing Self : Alexander Technique in Education, main information website

Association educational resources: 

The Mouritz Companion to the Alexander Technique – The Alexander Technique for Children

My experience working with youth has taught me that the keys to unlock a better experience of learning – and of life – are already within them. My clients describe the magic that happens once we begin working together.

I am eager to help more young people come home to themselves, especially as we re-enter what “normal” looks like post-pandemic.

young adult teens with phones in their hands talking to gabrielle

Kids love their devices! Gabrielle teaches Van and Nicholas how to stand tall and stay connected with themselves while connecting with their friends.

Transform the experience of learning

and bring a sense of ease and enjoyment to your school or classroom.
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