Healing hands Physical Therapy Alexander Technique

Helping You Heal

Putting Your Well-Being Center Stage with Physical Therapy

and the Alexander Technique

Gabrielle Czaja, PT combines the healing science of physical therapy with the teachings of the Alexander Technique to create personalized programs that meet each client’s unique situation. She brings her expertise and one-on-one focus to help you relieve pain, heal from injury, strengthen your body and restore full physical function so you can live the life you love without fear of re-injury or pain.
No matter what brings you here, you will experience the benefits of a customized program, hands-on treatment and dedicated time and attention. Gabrielle gets to the root of your pain or injury with skilled assessment and her attentive investigation. Then she works with you to restore pain-free mobility and full range of motion with a comprehensive treatment plan. What distinguishes Gabrielle’s approach to best treatment is her focus on enhancing your stability, strength and balance for the long run—enabling you to move with grace, ease and confidence through your daily life.
Experience Ready Relief and Lasting Healing

Learn more about Gabrielle’s approach to helping you heal from acute injury, persistent pain, loss of function or chronic issues and conditions that diminish quality of life. These include issues related to:

  • Neck, Back and Spine
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Shoulder and Arm
  • Hip and Knee
  • Headaches and Neurological Conditions

Customized Health and Wellness Programs

Gabrielle takes a special interest in health and wellness and welcomes all who want to embark on Alexander Technique training:

  • For Teens
  • After Menopause
  • General Health and Wellness
Thanks to Gabrielle and her Alexander Technique skills I have overcome some acute back pain episodes. Even more important to me, regular sessions have enhanced my sense of well-being, of feeling more at one with my body and with the world around me. On a scale of five stars, she should be getting six!
Guy Pfeffermann