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Gabriel Czaja Physical Therapy Alexander Technique testimonials

My life is dramatically improved thanks to Gabrielle!

Through a combination of manual therapy and lessons in the Alexander Technique, eighteen months of debilitating neck and back pain has been successfully resolved.  Gabrielle brings years of training, clinical experience and superb insight to finding and fixing the root of what turned out in my case to be multiple issues, all of which had confounded my doctors.  The result is that I am pain free, have gained ease in my body and am again able to enjoy my work and my life.  That she is also a lovely person and a pleasure to work with is icing on the cake.  Many many thanks!

Lisa Raisner

Gabrielle is a miracle worker. It is still amazing how much her therapy helped with back pain from a strain and that she even cured a headache I had one time during a session. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her work.

Jason Albert

I have been a client of Gabrielle Czaja for over 10 years, and she has made a real difference in my life.  In her role as Alexander Technique teacher, she has taught me skills to bring my body into its proper alignment in order to prevent injuries, overuse, and to allow my internal organs to function as they should.   As a physical therapist, Gabrielle has helped me through a number of surgeries, including of the hip and knee.   Her dedication to doing her best for me at every appointment has been constant.   She is a professional, continually upgrading her knowledge and skills to better serve her clients, and is kind and attuned to the whole person, not just the immediate problem. I would recommend her without reservation.

Betsy Linsert

I have been consulting Gabrielle for several years — my initial goal was to get fit in retirement.  She has seen me through unexpected physical challenges that resolved without surgery and introduced me to approaches, such as the Alexander Technique and more, that have increased my well-being.  Her professional care and concern, as well as her kindness and desire to remain current in her field, have given me tools to enjoy life.

Lorna Grenadier