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Your Skeleton: It’s not just for Halloween anymore!

This free, online, two-part series teaches adults and teens easy, accessible movement strategies to feel strong in their body, confident in outlook, and both calm and focused in their minds.

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For adults


Use Your Bones to Sit UP and Stand TALL!

In this experiential workshop we’ll explore movement from the perspective of your bones and how to keep them strong and healthy. Learn effective tricks to move through your day calmly and confidently. Our skeleton moves us all day long, so let’s give it a treat—your attention.

Once you’ve registered, further details and a Zoom link will be sent.

Tuesday, October 26
7:00pm to 7:45pm

For teens


Use Your Bones to Sit UP and Stand TALL!

SHHHH. Don’t use the P word (posture! ooh, scary).  Simple experiential anatomy for your teen teaches them good postural awareness, important for computer wizards, performers and athletes alike. What a treat for them and for you. (Now you don’t have to tell them to stand up straight anymore!) EVEN BETTER: Kids feel empowered and calm in academic and social situations when they have some easy ways to connect with themselves.

Once you’ve registered, further details and a Zoom link will be sent.

Thursday, October 28
7:00pm to 7:45pm

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, smiling arms crossed in front of a green field

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, M.ATI, M.AmSAT
Holistic Educator
Alexander Technique teacher
Physical Therapist

Gabrielle Czaja, is a physical therapist, Alexander Technique teacher and holistic educator whose greatest joy is guiding you to optimal health, and empowering you to thrive and succeed.

I am the PT who teaches young people and those who love and work with them how to tap into a better body-mind connection that will free them from the paralyzing grip of anxiety,  distraction and discomfort.

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