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About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Czaja physical therapist Alexander Technique teacher, standing outside

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, M.ATI, M.AmSAT
Holistic Educator
Alexander Technique teacher
Physical Therapist

Gabrielle Czaja, is a physical therapist, Alexander Technique teacher and holistic educator whose greatest joy is guiding you to optimal health, and empowering you to thrive and succeed.

I am the PT who teaches young people and those who love and work with them how to tap into a better body-mind connection that will free them from the paralyzing grip of anxiety,  distraction and discomfort.

Standing On Our Own Two Feet

“Stand on your own two feet” can mean different things. As an admonishment, we might hear it or deliver it as “get your act together”. Ouch. When aspirational, we seek a state of being whereby we feel grounded, connected, and flexible so to meet life’s inevitable challenges.

As parents, teachers, and mentors, we have aspirations and dreams for our kids–we seek to nurture them so they can find their way in the world, to be able to “stand on their own two feet”. As coaches, we strive to train student-athletes to excel in sport without injuries.  Where’s the sweet spot? How do we empower them to stand on their own two feet with confidence amdist the chaos?

Kids are smart. When offered a bit of practical knowledge in a fun and supportive environment, they learn how to stay grounded and flexible when the world is crazy-stressful. Moreover, it’s important for kids to understand foot function to ge a successful and injury free athlete. PS: Did you know that our feet are important for standing and sitting posture?

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My Professional Associations

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APTA - American Physical Therapy Association
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