About Gabrielle

My vision is for each of us to be at home in our bodies, and at ease in our lives. You can heal and I can help.

two teens working with Gabrielle in her therapy room

Who I Am

My name is Gabrielle Czaja and I am a physical therapist, Alexander Technique teacher, and holistic educator. My greatest joy is guiding people to optimal health and empowering them to thrive and succeed throughout their life. 

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How It All Began

My journey as a healer and educator began in one of my favorite places — my school library. Libraries are magical places, full of treasure waiting to be discovered.


For a career day writing assignment, my treasure hunting led me to a book titled “So  You Want to be a Physical Therapist?” There was something about the alchemy of scientific inquiry, problem-solving and helping people from the vantage point of each individual’s values and lifestyle that even as a teenager, was compelling.

From Injury to Recovery

Many years later, as a brand new PT in my first job, I injured myself and, despite excellent medical care, struggled to heal and feel better. I was introduced to the Alexander Technique, and still recall the transformational experience of feeling simultaneously powerful and at ease. Effortless. I felt strong, grounded and relaxed. I wanted more of this for myself, and I also wanted this extraordinary experience for my patients.

A Milestone Moment

Training to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique was a milestone in my life. It affirmed what I knew in my heart was true and what I sensed in that library book many years earlier—listening to the whole person, the story of their body, and what is in their heart, is necessary for helping them heal and thrive.


Using What I Know to Help You Heal

Full healing takes time and attention, and little victories add up to a lot to a lot of relief. As I work with adults, and families, I am especially committed to guiding young people towards their full potential. This is what I know—helping a teenager develop self efficacy and self-compassion, sourced in their body, is the foundation for growing into a happy, healthy and successful adult. 

I can’t wait to share the possibilities that lie ahead for you, and I look forward to helping you transform the way you move through your life.
Gabrielle is a rare find in a clinician.  All of her patients recognize that she is highly skilled and compassionate. But what sets her apart is her ability to see the whole patient and drill down to the underlying issues and address them head on.  She is a treasure to her patients.
Mark Klein, MD

Ready for your transformation?

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