About Gabrielle

I feel a deep passion for guiding people back from pain and injury to the wholeness of their bodies.

I want to enable them to move every day with grace, power and ease. Humans are intricately built and our bodies do so much for us—even under the most difficult circumstances. But stress seems inevitable and injuries happen; with these come pain, restricted movement and sometimes a decreased ability to do what you love most.

I enjoy helping teenagers develop a connection with their bodies as a way to navigate feeling anxious. By cultivating the pause built into the Alexander Technique, my clients learn the importance of bodily agency. Ultimately this creates a feeling of safety – and we have to feel safe in order to learn and grow.

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How I Can Help

I listen to your story, get to the real source of chronic or acute pain, and figure out not only how to heal your injury but also how to help you minimize the risk of new injury in the future.

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I’m fascinated by anatomy and consider myself to be an archaeologist of the body. My training, knowledge, curiosity and ability to see your fully healed potential make my approach unique. I am always learning and expanding my insights. In fact, less than three years after becoming a physical therapist, I trained to be a certified teacher of The Alexander Technique. Why? Because it was clear to me that physical therapy alone did not have all the tools to help people relieve pain, restore balance and move with strength and flexibility.  I am committed to increasing my understanding of how human beings move and perform and I am continually expanding my skills to help you return to your full, unencumbered self.

I am well versed in meditation, yoga, naturopathy and acupuncture and my knowledge of these disciplines informs my problem solving strategies. I think outside the box and am energized by challenges. I bring my best to each person who walks in my door with the hope of empowering them to understand their own body and providing them with the tools to best deal with their own circumstances.

The Values That Guide My Practice

My goal is your health and I measure success in your increased ability to move through daily life with confidence, ease and awareness of your body. I listen deeply—both to your story and also to what your body has to say—in order to find the best way to help you recover from your injury and sort out your discomfort. Health is greater than just the body; it encompasses the mind and more. That’s why I believe in healing for the whole person—body and mind. I have a forward looking, forward moving focus with the intent of being your partner as you move into full healing.

I’m With You Every Step of the Way

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that little victories add up to a lot of relief.  I know that deep and full healing takes time and attention. While the “ah ha!” moments can help us leap forward, it’s the small steps that count. I get excited and inspired by every patient’s forward movement, even the tiniest of steps. I meet you where you are, providing you with practical suggestions that make sense for your body. Every person and every body is unique, so the plan that we create together is specialized specifically for you and your needs.

Begin Your Journey Now

I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to health and healing. Give me a call at 202-223-4943 to learn how I can help you start living the life you love!

Gabrielle is a rare find in a clinician.  All of her patients recognize that she is highly skilled and compassionate. But what sets her apart is her ability to see the whole patient and drill down to the underlying issues and address them head on.  She is a treasure to her patients.
Mark Klein, MD

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