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The Science of Healing—Customized for You

What is a physical therapist?

Highly educated and state-licensed, a physical therapist (PT) is a clinical health care professional who specializes in addressing injuries, medical problems and conditions that limit your ability to move without pain or restrict your physical function in your daily activities.  Physical Therapists are educated in the movement sciences and trained to assess, diagnose and treat pain, injuries and movement dysfunction. A PT’s extensive knowledge encompasses the vast complexity of the body, its interconnections as well as the science-based techniques for relieving pain, restoring function, extending range of motion and increasing muscle strength, coordination, endurance and motor skills.

Gabrielle Czaja PT—Offers an Enhanced Approach to Physical Therapy

Getting off to the right start is important in many aspects of life. Physical therapy is no exception. During your first visit, Gabrielle will discuss your medical history and perform a thorough assessment to determine the source of your pain or injury.  From there, she’ll come up with a customized plan that combines healing, strengthening, education and prevention so you can move with ease and confidence.

Like all good physical therapists, Gabrielle helps clients return to daily activities at home, at work, in fitness and recreation.  What sets her apart is more than 20 years’ experience as an Alexander Technique teacher. The educational principles of the Alexander Technique can help you move beyond the basic benefits of PT—perhaps growing even stronger and healthier than prior to your injury. Thanks to her training in and experience with many other healing modalities, Gabrielle brings the broadest possible range of therapeutic approaches and tools to planning your treatment. While change can take time, it’s worth it.  Gabrielle’s focus on rebuilding a patient’s best self has helped hundreds of people get back to doing what they love. She can do that for you as well.
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