Do you have a teenager?

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Help them discover:

  • Self-efficacy
  • Academic success
  • Relief from pain

Transform the way you move through your life.

If you are struggling, I can help.

Learn why the Alexander Technique has been life-changing for me and why it helps my patients of all ages.

Some injuries are simple—a sprained ankle, torn cartilage or a pulled muscle. Others may be more than they seem.  And then there are the injuries and pains that sneak up slowly—the achy neck that used to be there only at the end of a long day—now greets you with your first cup of coffee every day.  Or you look at a photo from a successful conference or catch your reflection in a shop window and wonder at the difference between what you see and your idea of your straight and flexible self.  Regardless of what brings you in, my commitment is mapping the best way forward for you. This commitment to personalized care and one-on-one healing has earned me the reputation as a highly trusted Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique teacher throughout the Washington DC area.

Are you ready to:

  • Recover from painful injuries and prevent future ones?
  • Be comfortable and pain-free in your body as you move through your day?
  • Work a full day feeling strong and flexible without fatigue?
  • Find relief from back pain and neck pain?
  • Breathe freely and deeply?
  • Remain physically and emotionally resilient in the face of stress?

I Am with You Every Step of the Way on the Path to Better Health

I believe that our bodies are our treasures; that the architecture of our body is meant for power, strength and grace.  I know from experience with hundreds of clients that resiliency can be restored, strength enhanced and full range of motion regained.  And there’s more. Beyond helping you recover from your injury or pain, I am committed to helping you recover your senses—of poise, grace, balance and well-being.

Hippocrates said: Its more important to know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has. I share that belief. That’s why understanding what is most important to you is part of every assessment I do. This approach is as unique as the fact that I am fully certified both as Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique teacher. I ask not only about your pain or injury and physical activity, but also about your life, your values and your ideas. We explore the particulars together and everything I learn about you informs the customized therapeutic plan I develop to help you heal, feel resilient and get on with the life you love.

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