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All kids want to feel good about themselves. They also want to feel good in relation to their friends, family and the world around them. When they are injured or stressed, it’s even harder.

Every child needs the opportunity to grow confident and comfortable in themselves and their bodies, regardless of their passions, shape, size, and appearance.

I understand being young and not feeling good.

Shy and introverted when I was younger, I didn’t feel comfortable raising my hand even though I knew the answer. Injured as a high school and collegiate student-athlete, it was frustrating to be sidelined from an activity I loved.

I get it. I have personally experienced recovery from injury and a greater sense of calm and confidence through the techniques I teach in my practice.

Is Your Teen Struggling?

Mental Health

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Academic engagement and performance
  • Confidence in social situations
  • Body image
  • Concentration/Distraction
  • The feeling that “something” is getting in the way of being happy and healthy
  • Fine and visual arts performance

Physical Health

  • Athletic injuries and performance
  • Neck and back pain
  • Poor posture using the computer, phone, sitting, standing and walking
  • Performing arts injuries and performance
  • Fitness for your non-athletic teen
  • Body awareness for gamers
  • Injury prevention

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After our work together, your teen will feel good about themselves: decreased body pain, increased agency, increased postural awareness, higher level of fitness, calm and confident in all life activities.  

We address your child’s current struggles, and also begin their journey to their highest possible level of physical and mental health.

Why Does Your Teen Need Physical Therapy and Alexander Technique?

Physical therapists like me are intensively educated in the biological, medical, and psychosocial sciences. We are the primary healthcare professionals licensed to evaluate and treat injuries, pain, movement problems and posture. Once we determine the source of the issue, together we create an individual plan to help your child recover from injury, and return safely and successfully to the activities they love. We also have the best skill set to assess the readiness of your child for fitness and school athletic participation, as a means of preventing future injuries.

Alexander Technique teachers are educational professionals and mind-body specialists with a minimum of 1600 hours of training over three years. We are certified to teach by at least one national or international governing association. Pioneered more than a century ago by FM Alexander, Alexander Technique is unique, safe, and powerful yet gentle mind-body education that teaches practical self-awareness. Improved breathing, clearer thinking, feeling calm, and enhanced posture are some of the benefits of Alexander lessons.

My clients have said…

“Gabrielle is amazing! My daughter has really been struggling this year and being able to find and connect with Gabrielle has truly been life-changing for all of us. The Alexander technique has been amazing for us as a family.”

– Stacy Derrick

“I worked with Gabrielle to remedy longstanding neck pain. She identified the root cause quickly. I feel like I have made a lot of progress with her help, despite failing to get better seeing a wide variety of other people.”


– Raj, age 16

A Happy, Healthy Teen Grows Into a Happy, Healthy Adult

The Good News?

Teens are curious, engaged and intuitively understand the mind-body connection.  In fact, they deeply desire, and respond to, this kind of education. They feel best when they can confront life challenges and navigate the world with agency and self compassion.

Adolescence Is a Critical Time

The teenage brain is rapidly developing, which means that this is the best time for crafting positive, affirming health and self care skills, as well as when study and work habits crystalize into life-long strategies. In particular, the frontal cortex is still developing and executive function—what helps us make good choices—is not fully online.   

Ideal Clients & Partners

My ideal clients

My best clients are families who appreciate that physical and mental health are central to their child’s success in school and in the world. They also view their child’s well-being as something worth investing in. Moreover, they know that this is the wellspring for mature, life-long positive health behaviors and self care skills. I work with young people and their parents who are open and ready for our collaborative sessions.

My best professional partners

Coaches who value injury prevention, and seek to instill a lifelong love of athletics, movement and fitness. They also empower student-athletes how to make the best choices on and off the field, with an eye on today’s competition, and respect for long term health.  

School guidance counselors and mental health professionals who have a deep knowing that the separation of physical and emotional health is a false dichotomy.

Physicians who recognize that the early years of human development are critical for healthy adulthood. Additionally, they understand that posture, coordination and movement proficiency are directly linked with academic performance, and social and emotional well-being.

If you’re a professional looking for this type of referral relationship, please contact me.

Why work with me

When a young person works with me, I listen to not only “what hurts” but also the story of their whole self. Combining science, experience and intuition, I partner with and guide the young people in your life towards their best selves. My office is a safe space where learning and healing happen. Whatever is important to you and your child is important to me.

My formal education in both Physical Therapy and Alexander Technique is the springboard from which we craft a program specific to the needs, dreams and goals of your teen. Licensed, certified and grounded in “traditional” methods and channels, I firmly believe that the psychobiological aspects of human development are the foundation for optimal health and a successful life.

I Have Your Back

I am a trusted adult in your kid’s life, creating a safe environment for them to learn and grow. With an adept and insightful understanding of non-verbal communication, I celebrate your child’s uniqueness, meeting them where they are.

As an ally for you, I support your family values and professional endeavors. Worried about your child slumping at the computer, or never looking up from their phone at the dinner table? Hand this over to me; it’s one less thing for you to worry about, and one less stressor between you and them. I am here to make your life easier.

What ALWAYS happens:

  • I always listen to what kids say to me. Young people are in tune with themselves, articulate and capable of communicating their experience when we take the time to listen without judgment.
  • I always strive to create an environment where my patients feel safe.

What NEVER happens:

  • I never ignore what kids say to me.
  • I never ignore non-verbal cues that let me know your child doesn’t feel comfortable.

Why NOT work with me?

I serve my youth clients best when their parents allow them the space and time to learn, heal and grow comfortably. If your primary question is “how many visits is this going to take?” I am probably not the best fit for you and your family.

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, smiling arms crossed in front of a green field

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, M.ATI, M.AmSAT
Holistic Educator
Alexander Technique teacher
Physical Therapist

My name is Gabrielle Czaja and I am a physical therapist and holistic educator. My greatest joy is guiding young people to optimal health and empowering them to thrive and succeed throughout their life.

I have recovered from injuries and cultivated personal well-being through the methods and principles I use and teach.

While I loved playing field hockey in junior high, I discovered my passion for long-distance running in my NJ high school. At Bucknell University, I was awarded the Christy Mathewson Award as the outstanding senior athlete, and then elected to Bucknell’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

My own experience is that feels good to know our body is a source of wisdom for making good choices.

I invite you to learn more About Me and how I support families who are committed to nurturing their child’s body wisdom, thus empowering them to live happy, healthy and successful lives now, and in their future.

A healthy child becomes a happy adult!

I would love to learn more about what’s going on for your teen. Fill out the form to the right and we can start a conversation about their path to wellness.

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