…a long life,

many miles.

To each of us comes

the body gift.

-Mary Oliver-


Twenty-seven years ago, how we – patients, students, practitioners- found each other was not as easy as it is now. When I first arrived in DC, fresh out of physical therapy school, I turned to my more established colleagues for referrals to doctors, a hair stylist, and restaurants. Now, we really do have the whole world in our hands. A few keywords, a click, a swipe, and Voila!

With the advent of my new website comes new opportunities for exploring together the best way to help you recover from injury and build strength and resiliency into your life. We’ve got to start somewhere, and where you are, right now, is the perfect place to start. Our bodies are our treasures, and whether your bliss on a Saturday afternoon is curled up with a good book for hours, or cycling for miles out on a county road, I can help you along the way.

Let’s find your path forward.