Experience Long-Term Relief from Neck Pain

Many people think back and neck pain is just a “fact of life.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. While some neck pain is related to conditions of the spine or injury, most is described as “non-specific”—caused by poor movement habits and compromised use of the spine and body in everyday activities. What sets Gabrielle apart from other physical therapists in treating acute and chronic neck pain is her training as a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Her success in providing long-term relief to hundreds of clients is based on using both Physical Therapy procedures and lessons in the Alexander Technique.
Healing Begins with Assessment and Communication

During the assessment and development of a plan to help relieve your pain and restore function, you and Gabrielle will decide the best way to begin your intervention. For some people, physical therapy—emphasizing manual therapy techniques and exercise—is the starting place.  For others, the best way to recover is with lessons in the Alexander Technique. They help you tap into your body’s inherent ability to support itself, so you restore normal movement patterns and move with ease and without fear of re-injury. You will also receive a customized home program designed by Gabrielle to fit your lifestyle and accommodate the demands of your daily life.

Minimize Recurrence of Neck Pain with the Alexander Technique  

Whether your healing begins with Alexander Technique lessons or you add them in as you make progress with PT, Alexander lessons dramatically minimize recurrence of neck pain and injury.  How? They help you develop an embodied awareness of and trust in the body’s capacity for stability, flexibility, and balance—a combination that helps eliminate poor movement habits and the compromised use of neck and spine in your everyday activities.

Thanks to Gabrielle Czaja, I am pain-free and enjoying my work and life again! With a combination of hands-on Physical Therapy and lessons in the Alexander Technique, Gabrielle helped resolve eighteen months of debilitating neck and back pain. She identified and fixed the root of what turned out to be multiple issues—all of which had confounded my doctors.                              
Lisa Raisner